Tuesday, 14 August 2007

July 28th, 2007

28th: Added a link to the Rootsweb front page so that anyone having trouble viewing the site can find the alternate version to read on my Paradise pages, albeit with slightly less detail, fewer charts and no pictures. This version is now as up to date as the Rootsweb one.
Rootsweb are playing with their banners (the price I pay for the free hosting) and as a result completely mucking up the web settings. This mostly affects those still unenlightened enough to continue using Internet Explorer as their browser. For some reason the pages seem to look ok for those using Firefox as their browser, or at least it did to me today.

The next update should contain some BATY descendant updates, particularly down the BARNFATHER line as I've been contacted by a BARNFATHER descendant. Not exactly sure where she fits yet, but all will no doubt be made clear in time.

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