Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Aug 6th - 8th, 2007

6th: to 8th: And then I got tired of the Rootsweb banners still mucking up my carefully crafted pages after nearly 4 weeks, so I took the plunge to actually pay for web space, and a domain name: lornahen.com.
So I had to start all over again shifting things around, tidying up loose ends. This process is far from complete, but if you are reading this then I've at least got parts of the site back together & online.
The intention is to host all the trees I publish on my new host, ICDSoft using sub domains for the various separate components, such as familytree for my tree; research , which you've obviously found, for the what changed logs; grainger for Peter's Worcester Graingers; parkhill for Chris' Parkhills & Camerons; and computerstuff for my non genie bits.
Whether I'll leave the then duplicated sites on Rootsweb hasn't been decided, but at the very least they'll have pointers to the new sites, when I've finished the rejig.
NB The only two sites that have not had at least a preliminary working version published are:
the family tree one, where "big brother" resides and
Chris' Parkhills.
I don't want to know about links that don't work on those pages yet, but please let me know about missing links on any of the other ones on lornahen.com. Likewise, please don't let me know about missing links on either rootsweb or paradise, I've not been back and tidied them as yet.

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