Monday, 22 October 2012

More DAWEs & a RUNCIMAN rethink

The rather inter-twined DAWEs of South West Devon have had another update, as has the Patriarch page for the DAWE Surname DNA project where DNA oriented pedigrees lurk awaiting a direct male line DAWE interested enough in his family tree to donate a little bit of himself to history.

With that "little" project almost out of the way for now, there should be some time for attention to shift back to the RUNCIMANs where there has been an exciting bit of research by Phyllis and Alan who visited the Scottish Archives and finally found how the Richard who brought up William of Crail's orphaned children was related - he was their grandfather.
Back to the drawing board on how to connect up those dna matched trees !
Current favourite, and at the moment the only candidate available from readily available records, is the Richard married to Jennet GOURLAY, but evidence is rather sparse - or we'd have found it long ago.

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