Friday, 12 October 2012

From Australia back to Devon

The activity on the Australian DAWE descendants of the Buckland Monachorum family of Sampson & Joan (BLANCHARD) DAWE reminded me of my trip to Devon in 2006.
Many photos were taken, many still await processing, most are of headstones, not scenic spots.
Those from Buckland Monachorum were the DAWE headstones in that churchyard, and have now been incorporated on my website.
To access them, go to the Places tab, scroll down to DEV, Buckland Monachorum and click on the little information icon

At the time I was probably taking the photos on spec rather than in the knowledge of where, or, they fitted into my family tree.
Some do, some don't, as it turned out, none are known to be from my direct DAWE line, despite what some online trees say (see prior post about his topic, enthusiasm vs accuracy), but are mostly descendants of James BARTER, or married to them.

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