Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Wick to Edinburgh

Contact from a descendant of Jemima CRAIG & Samuel McKAIL led to a short burst of activity on the McADIE line this family belongs to.
Found marriages for two of Jemima's siblings: George to Helen HARVEY; and John to Margaret MOWAT.
A witness to the latter's marriage was a James McADIE who had to be related somehow (given Jemima is a McADIE descendant), and was living with them in Edinburgh in the 1901 census, a printer-compositor born Wick.
Looks like I've found James Bremner son of George McADIE & Elizabeth Sandison BREMNER, whom I'd "lost" after the 1881 census, especially as his brother Robert shows up as a compositor in one census.

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